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Welcome to GEA Cooling Towers

GEA Cooling Towers designs, manu­factu­res and main­tains cooling towers. Our company is synony­mous with quality and innova­tion in this area. We have been building cor­rosion-free cooling towers since 1967, and we are still in the lead when it comes to effi­ciency and noise reduc­tion.

GEA Cooling Towers backs up the quality it delivers with all the appro­priate guaran­tees and a complete service organi­zation. This is how we offer our customers the reas­surance of complete security.

GEA Cooling Towers designs and manufacturers cooling towers with long lifetimes and minimal maintenance needs. This is achieved through the materials used stainless steel combined with glass fibre and plastic, the sound design and the experience of our engineers.The result is a cooling tower that is low maintenance, energy efficient and able to supply constant excellent problem-free performance.



Carola Wolters is now responsible for Marketing and Communications for GEA Heat Exchangers
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